Jungle Syndicate Digital 012 : Smyla – Savage Life EP


Smyla – Savage Life EP

After over a year of teasing these tracks at Jungle Syndicate events up and down the country, at the various festivals we had the beast in tow at and over a filthy weekend in Poland our good friend and favourite amen beast is finally ready to unleash the Savage Life EP.  If you managed to catch Smyla for the last year or so you probably heard one of these tunes, so sick they even caught the crew out at times.

The release following Smyla’s seminal album ASYLM was always going to be difficult, but a worthy release had always been his focus and we never doubted him for a second.

By now we’d hope you know what to expect with The Beast, but if not you can look forward to long blissed-out intros that lull you into a false sense of serenity until it drops into the dirt you knew was coming that just won’t relent.

We hope that you relish at any opportunity to hear these tunes, but take it from us the best way to hear them will always be The Beast himself tearing down the venue while his beats tear out the speakers.

A. Tantra
B. Seventh Heaven
C. The Object of my Disgust
D. Savage Life

Mastered by Macc @ Subvert Mastering

Available now from shop.junglesyndicate.com/shop/jsd012-smyla-savage-life-ep
and from all major MP3 retailers soon.

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Jungle Syndicate London @ The Silver Bullet – Friday 31st August


After a way too long hiatus in London we are finally back… and this is only the beginning to warm things up! We will be announcing full details of our return and what is to come from us over the next month and trust me it’s going to be big!

As this is a limited capacity venue, make sure you get down early so you don’t miss out.

• • • • • • • • • • •

[Scientific Wax / Mute:8 Recordings]

[Mute:8 Recordings / Jungle Syndicate Recordings]

[Scientific Wax / Extreme Rinse Only]


[Jungle Syndicate Recordings]

[Jungle Syndicate Recordings]

[Jungle Syndicate London]

• • • • • • • • • • •

N4 2DH

Friday 31st July 2015
9PM – 3AM

SILVER BULLET MAIL-OUT MEMBERS! For ticket [discount codes], party packs, free downloads and all the latest news sign up to our fortnightly newsletter via the SB website /// www.thesilverbullet.co.uk /// Reppin’ real music movements – making waves 7 days a week.. www.facebook.com/thesilverbullet

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Jungle Syndicate Digital 011 : Goreteks – Macabre EP


Goreteks – Macabre EP

The “Macabre EP” from Goreteks delivers five heavy-hitting tracks that are sure to cause bleak dreams of rage, disillusion, and darkness. Heavy subs, big drums, and mind-bending movie samples come into play on each of these journeys. With all of the production work being done simultaneously in two different parts of the globe during Baloo’s deployment in Afghanistan (via a continuous online project sharing effort), this EP reflects the hectic settings and violent mind states that combat in the desert can invoke, while at the same time being influenced by the familiar cold back home.

A. Malaria
B. The Chemist
C. Macabre
D. Victims
E. The Gates

Mastered by Macc @ Subvert Mastering

Available now from shop.junglesyndicate.com/shop/jsd011-goreteks-macabre-ep
and from all major MP3 retailers.

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Jungle Syndicate Free 002 : Relapse – Untitled Amen / Yorkshire Pissing


Relapse – Untitled Amen / Yorkshire Pissing

A. Untitled amen
B. Yorkshire Pissing

Available for FREE, EXCLUSIVELY at

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Jungle Syndicate Digital 010 : Relapse – All Is Lost EP


Relapse – All Is Lost EP

A. Untitled Bounce
B. Donkey
C. ERyS5 (feat Optimystic)
D. All Is Lost

Mastered by Macc @ Subvert Mastering

Available now from shop.junglesyndicate.com/shop/relapse-all-is-lost-ep
and from all major MP3 retailers.

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Jungle Syndicate Digital 009 : Anorak – 4 Months LP


Anorak – 4 Month LP

1. Psychopathy 101
2. Tragic Crescendo
3.Mutual Illusions
4. I Am A Destroyer
5. Life Trap
6. Emotional Paradise
7. Alone
8. Here’s Johny
9. Amygdala
10. I Miss You

Mastered by Paul Jones

Available now from shop.junglesyndicate.com/shop/jsd009-anorak-4-months-lp-2
and from all major MP3 retailers.

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